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Books fivestar by mardi..., the preacher's daughter. :) a story of tradition , dream and friendship and of course LOVE :))), i liove my little pink book its an inspirational and spiritual book ... (igso n
Music as long as it could relax me from all the stressing elements .. then ill love it , :)),
Movies Definitely, Maybe, 500 Days of Summer, Wild Child, i love korean movies theyre indeed a good story teller :)), Black (indian movie), really love sandra bullock's
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I Remember My First Kiss

Tragic my first kiss was so tragic..i had it with someone i dont even know.. my dream to have a magical first kiss vanished.. he came to me , and kiss me.. F@@@ that sucks really.. he's so harsh and... [more]
  • I Am Still Waiting For Him

    Downfall:( he was my first boyfriend.. we broke up during our 6th monthsary.. :( but we remain friends. after almost a year of  the break-up, i found a new boyfriend, i dont love him actually i was ju… [more]
  • I Love Full Moons

    Love Under Moonlight:) i remember, that was two years ago. i and my boyfriend were celebrating our 4thmonthsary.. were on a beach. we spent our time there.. walking in the sand, holding hands.. under the brightlight of the … [more]
  • I Love Dancing Just For Fun

    The Dance:) i remember the first moment i entered a disco house. i was wearing a mini skirt, and a spaghetti strapped blouse.  the room was so noisy, that i cant even hear my own voice. but my other friends … [more]
  • I Love My Mother

    Mama since i lost my father, 8years ago, the only man i have right now is my mom. i cant imagine my life without her. shes my treasure and my everything.. she had done so much for me.. i love her, an… [more]

    Posted on: April 1st, 2013 at 8:09PM

    The last time I posted a blog was 2 years ago and I was hurting by that time. But now, I HAVE FOUND LOVE. :)It was so amazing that when you least expect it,  something or someone will come in your way to make you realize that life is still good no matter how rough things had been. Someone that will lead you to a better you. Above all, someone that will love you unconditionally. And I found this all to my one and only KAMAHALAN! (that's what I call him meaning Your Highness.) We're on the road for seventeen mos, and I'm looking forward to share more years with him. We've been through a lot of things but were surviving. Spread love. :) … [more]



    Posted on: May 24th, 2011 at 12:27PM

    Sitting. Sleepiness seems not to be inviting. The loneliness of the night made me think of memories that supposed to be forgotten...memories that made me smile before, and is hurting me now. Everytime I think about this, I got weak..and weaker.. And I hate myself for being so vulnerable. From the time I met him, I lock myself in a love, that I know is impossible to have its "happy ending". I always dreamt of fairytale, scenes that I know only exists in fiction.. I've tried so hard pleasing him in every way I can, I did things beyond my limits, and I did it all, just for him ,the one I love, my first love.. But can I blame myself? Im just a girl trying to be loved by someone,trying to please … [more]