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I Love High Heels

Sandal wedges all summer. I'm addicted i love them but only the 1's with straps,i don't like the 1's that you can just slip on. Pumps with a nice pair of jeans or shorts too Stilettos when... [more]
  • I Love High Heels

    The Girly Girl I never in my life expected to be girly regardless of the fact that I'm a woman,when I was younger I loved sneakers,hoodies and jeans.when I went outside,my friends were boys,I had my little clique of… [more]
  • I Want to Gain Weight

    Why Are People So Judgmental I'm so tired of people calling me skinny and boney,I've been tryna gain weight for years now and as soon as I go up,I end up losing the weight all over again :( I hate it,I feel so ugly.people can be … [more]
  • I Know A Victim Of Sexual Assault

    I've seen many seasons of law & order where people are getting abused and sexually assaulted and as a child/early teen i didnt realize that the special victims unit was real. I know a woman that was h… [more]
  • I Watch Bad Girls Club

    My Favorite Reality Show The bad girls club is my favorite reality show lol I know some people think its stupid because its a bunch of grown women drinking and acting crazy but that's not all it is.if your open minded and wat… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    I've been lying to myself for years,pretending to be happy when I'm really miserable and depressed.happiness is temporary ,it never lasts and I don't even think I be really happy.i feel ugly on the inside and out but I try telling myself I'm beautiful but that doesn't work.ive been depressed for years now and the anti-depressants don't work anymore… [more]