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There is usually so much to a person that trying to glimpse what is there by reading one of these little boxes is a bit on the futile side. I've changed this thing more times than I can count, but it usually winds up saying the same thing, only in different words. Anyway, I will do my best to tell you the important stuff that most people would want to know right away.

I am driven. I have ambition, and I know what I want in life. I like a girl who is the same. She needs to be intelligent, confident, but not arrogant, liberal, open- minded, and in search of something real; ie a healthy, loving partnership, where we are there for one another through thick and thin. I am not opposed to marriage(actually, I'd love to marry one day), but I am also VERY open to the idea of a healthy open relationship. I have, however, found that the whole house in the 'burbs imitation hetero style thing simply does not work for me. Yes, I want a long term, primary partner. But no, I do not want a Ward and June Cleaver: lesbian style set up.

I am also quirky, animated, and outgoing. I have a high level of energy that is getting higher all the time since I quit smoking and took up running, so I hope you can keep up! Anything from running the neighborhood to taking on a hiking trail to hitting an amusement park to slowing it down over a healthy meal we make together to anything in between is fair game! Life is too short to drive in the slow lane.

A little additional info: I just relocated to Saugerties, NY, and joined the Hudson Valley LGBTQ Center. Come see me, I don't know very many people!

Also,I graduated from college with an IT degree last December. Right now, I am wide open, starting the next chapter of my life, and looking for someone to share that adventure with.
I thought I had found my match through this very site, but it turned out I hadn't. Anyway, message me, I just might be the one. If I am not(though I think I might be), you're sure to find her here (or someplace), have a FABULOUS life.

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