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Je m'appelle Catherine Pascale Seitz: En haut, 1m75. Mensurations, 84.63.87 Poids, 49kgs. Nee, 3eme Octobre 1991

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I Hate Political Correctness

I Am An Anarchist! I am an antichrist! Famous words from Johnny Rotten (I think!) But true! I hate how the opinions many wish to express are stifled because someone's toes might be trodden upon. People of a... [more]
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  • I Have Been Spanked In Public By My Boyfriend

    Ljubljana Last Spring MarkoKardelj and I were together, dating, between Easter 2007 and mid-Autumn 2012, and despite the shadows of how we got together, we were good friends ultimately and lovers. Last Spring… [more]
  • I Live With Daddy

    My Father'S Name Is Paul: He is such a special person, a loving father, who has by the Fates been maligned and mistreated. My father is a teacher. He has been a teacher for over a quarter of a century, and devoted to his profe… [more]
  • I Love Stockings and Lingerie

    They Are All I Wear! I wear my undies as outerwear, comfortably, and to some shockingly. I was quite tomboyish when I was younger and I have kept up with the idea! Yes, I wear skirts and dresses, even jeans, sometimes, bu… [more]
  • I Am Tall

    One Metre And Seventy-five I am one metre seventy five, do you consider me tall for a woman? I think of myself as tall, since there are so many men my height, maybe an average height of men in some places. I wished… [more]