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    [sucicide] You Respect your Dad, the same way you respect your Mom, But,what happens when their Gone?, Thier love is soon gone, their comfort,the lessons that are sooned learned whe… [more]
  • I Write Poetry

    [heal Me First] <3 Each night and day,I lay in bed Awake, With this Sadness,I wish I could Erace, Wondering when it all began,thinkning of it here and then,Feeling like It'll never End...I feel r… [more]
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    On Fire: Written by: Alexis and Alondra "As I sit here and watch Everyone go on with their daily Lives, I wonder, could it just be me or is there someone out there that has t… [more]
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    [mirror] <3 As you look in the [D] Mirror, you see a face,but no expression, As you turn away,your heart [E] Breaks, for you know the [P] Reason, to why you have this [R] … [more]
  • My dream

    Posted on: June 29th, 2010 at 12:59PM

    Well first off I am a Christian soo ya, "Well my dream starts off with my parents sending me off somewhere,I remember being in a white classroom and attending school, {where ever I was}, I remeber I was looking at all the classmates there,but one guy seem to have caught my eye {He had black hair,very pale,skinny},it felt as though he was burning a whole on the side of my face, but always trying to get a chance to look in my eyes,the only thing I noticed though was that he had these evil pitch black eyes,it was like a gate way to hell,I closed my eyes,{since it says in the bible that the eyes are the gateway to your soul},When class was soon finally over,the exit way some how came out from a… [more]