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I Have Weird Dreams

Weird Dream About Pimples On My Feet?!?! the other night i was feeling sick and i went to bed extra early. when i got to sleep, i dreamt about having 2000 pimples covering my feet! and when i went to school, i had to cover my feet with a... [more]
  • I Need Someone to Talk to

    Sad i have recently had this crush on a guy and it turns out he likes one of my friends! when i got home that night i felt like my heart burned. but the crazyest thing is, i hardly know anything about thi… [more]
  • Health Confessions

    I like hurting myself?!??
    i would never cut myself but when i feel sad, i like to cry, listen to sad songs, and feel depressed. i think most of all i like to feel sorry about myself. deep down i think i don't like this feeling, but i can't stop craving for it when i feel like my life is just a big mess. in school, i try to fit in. probably more than being myself. i feel that all i want to do is be normal. and have everyone like me, and at least not have a problem with me. when i hear, that I'm ugly or I'm a ***** or anything like that, i begin to think why. and when i do, i begin to think how i can change myself to make me the person thats not like what they said. does anyone els feel this way?… [more]
  • Friends Confessions

    annoying, so called, friend! >:(
    i have this friend who's called jenny. no one really likes her and thinks she's a bit of a freak. but since i am nice i i love to be friends with everyone, i didn't let her down and i became friends with her. even though she calls me a friend, lately i feel she's just useing me >:( . and its when this happens when i want to confess my real feelings about her. just to get it off my chest. when she asks me to go get something for her, she puts on a really innocent voice and add's a little, 'ha' like a little laugh. its exactly like she just sucking up to me! and i hate it! but the thing is, I'm not gonna let her control me. she can get her own stuff for now on. go team! :D… [more]
  • Friends Confessions

    peer pressure for being friends with a guy and does he like me?!
    their is a new guy in my grade and i really think he's nice. i don't really love him but i just want to be friends with him. one night i talked for a really long time with him on Skype and i had lots of fun. but i think i was being to nice and now he might like me. he says that he hardly knows my friend that i thought he liked and that he wanted to get to know me more. i think this because he asked if i was going to the social i said i might and he asked if we could meet their, but only as friends. i thought this was a bit weird so i said i didn't want people getting the wrong idea. he agreed saying that he's a bit stupid sometimes. the mane reason i posted this was because since he is a guy… [more]
  • Health Confessions

    Help! I am really scared of needles!
    Ok, so i don't know if this is normal to be such a scaredy cat like me but its not like i am just afraid of getting one. when ever someone talks about it i feel sick! like i am going to faint! sometimes i don't even feel that scared more of a really nervoice feeling. although it sounds like i am just really scared, i also feel like i am going to faint when ever periode comes up in puberty class. i find myself not liking talking about body's and stuff like that. but i also can't say that because i watch people play the game 'the walking dead' on you tube and that has lots of blood and bodies in it.i just don't know what to do! dose anyone know if there is a sickness of this? or do i just need… [more]