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I Am The Dragon, Love

The Love-Hatred Of All Life "Do not be confused. Know that when you enter the highest you also open up in some way to the... [more]
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    Vicious Red & The Big Bad Wolf Red Riding Hood Is the Symbolic Princess of Good & Is Your AURA.             … [more]
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    The Ego (Osho) Here's A Worthwhile Read Regarding The Ego. I Do Not like osho, but credit for clarity on a complex topic is warranted. Read and Ponder as You May...EGO - THE FALSE CENTER… [more]
  • I Know What Love Is

    LOVE IS ...Answered by Aphrodite LOVE IS ... Answered by Aphrodite I have Known Love, both Impersonal (Highest) & Personal (Fallen)...My Greatest Love was with a LDR gal from the UK, who finally decided to turn away from … [more]
  • I Love Dragons

    The Dragon "The physical plane is the most significant plane in creation. If you would disso… [more]