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My name is purplebutterfly91. I am here for many reasons, but not to be judged. I like to meet new people, though I am an aloner. I do not have a lot of friends in my life. I am a very quiet person. I don\'t open up or trust very easily. But I do like to talk and have conversations. I will do my best to be there for anyone. I am here for anyone. <br /><br />
I am a daughter, a granddaughter, a sister, and a friend. <br /><br />
I am not what anyone expects especially when you get to know me you will realize there is more to me then I say... <br /><br />
If you\'d like to know anything else just ask, I am happy to answer<br /><br />
That last part I first wrote when I came back to EP so now I decided to add some more. =) <br /><br />
EP has changed so much since the first time I was on here that I do not go on as much so if you would like to keep in touch let me know!!! =) I definitely wish the old EP was back cause I sure miss it!!!

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Books Silent to the Bone, A Child Called It, Chicken Soup For the Soul books, a few others I can\'t think of right now..
Music Music is my life, I love music, all of it...
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I Sometimes Wonder Why You Wanted To Be Friends With Me

It Truly Saddens Me... It gets to me, to know and think that once upon a time we were close, the best of friends. But then change must of hit big lately because you are not the person I knew/know and you are not the best... [more]
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