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I Believe In God

I didn't even realize, it's as if the penny never dropped. I had known that I must give my will over to God and I had said 'let my will be as yours' and I had wanted only to want what He wants but I... [more]
  • I Have Something to Say

    Some of the best advice I can give. 1. Take full responsibility for yourself; that includes all your emotions and your thoughts. 2. Do not blame others 3. Do not hold hate in… [more]
  • I Love God

    Don't ask what God can do for you and don't ask what you can do for God. It is not a case of what God 'can' do, but what God 'wills' and what He wills you many not know, but you can be certain … [more]
  • I Believe In God

    Belief in God may be technically irrational, i.e. there is no proof God exists. However, by that reasoning, every scientific hypothesis ever thought of by man is also irrational as there is not yet pr… [more]
  • I Absolutely Know That God Is Real

    Please... Don't come to me asking me to prove to you that God is real. Don't present your intellect and rational mind to me as if I have no such thing myself. Don't tell me all about physi… [more]