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I The Purple Kingdom

The Life Of Purple Princess She was born into a kingdom full of riches though the peasants were stricken with a crazy disease that turned them blue. Princess wanted to stand out among the crowd so she lept into a batch of of... [more]
  • I My God Is Amazing

    Why Faith Our lives can hold so many ups and downs. Some roads have led me down trecherous alley ways dark and riddled with figures that want to cause menice and grief in my life. The one thing that has carried… [more]
  • I Life

    Longing What does my heart long for, why does it soar around in endless search. These mysteries that clutter realities and burn in my soul. When the wind blows in the trees I love the rustle of the leaves as … [more]
  • I My Trip To Far Away Lands

    My Italian Adventure So it started in the catacombs under Rome Italy. A cold place where 500,000 bodies were buried B.C. The richer tomb areas were covered in frescos. The cold chill and the densness of the death in the c… [more]
  • I A New Foal

    The Dawn New Day, twilight breaks to early light, gentle breeze on dewy grass. A footfall from a small new foal. She smells in the morning coolness and huffs out a warm breath, fog on the air. One step and lig… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    i was lost to self but now i am dying to self to b renewed
    I have been selfish. I have been awkward. I have been bullied and abandoned. I have been greedy and jelous envious and angry i have been evil. I have broken every commandment my God and father has given me. I have even turned my back on God for my own foolish self gain. I am unclean.i am unworthy and i am a filthy human being. I am learning to love i am learning to give i am learning to help others. I am for the first time in my life asking whho am i. The answer i am second. I can be worthy oi can b renewed..but not without faith and surely not without my God and Savior. Please pray for me and i too will pray for u.… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    my messy life
    My life has been a mess The ups and downs Have caused me stress when times are good i wonder sometimes i even ponder What will come next Good or bad as it maybe Hit me with ur best one im prepared and i am ready!… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    life as i know it
    I am happy 90% of the time. U live thru good and badt trials and tribulations that either build u up. It is all about how u view the situation. I feel as though my experiences have made me who i am. I am not perfect and i have many faumts but i have a true need to hekp others in their journey and to make them smile.… [more]