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Life doesnt teach you everything. You have to learn from experience and now, I also know that we should not only learn from our own experience, but also from other experiences.

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I Love the Moon

Silver Moon Yes, I do love Moon ever since my memory started working. I have always been tempted to go to moon land and talk to him, jump on him. I love star gazing with my special ones. But, my favourite part is... [more]
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  • I Am Indian (south)

    Some Knowledge About S Indians Its actually bad that people generally thinks that if we from south, then we are madrassi or so. But we are not geeky looking, nah nah, definitely we all are not black.. Aishwarya or Deep… [more]
  • I Like to Lie Outside and Watch the Stars

    Because Of Stars.... When I started talking to my huge crush... I was apprehensive about what might be the conversation? Is their something that one thing which is common? So nervous.. Then, I decided to take… [more]
  • I Wish You A Happy Deepavali

    Just A Thought Hello Peeps, I have a just thought about celebrating diwali by giving sweets, clothes, crackers and lots of love to orphanage, poor people and old age home. I really prefer t… [more]
  • I Have Changed A Lot Since Way Back Then

    Change Is Good For Your Own Sake Some years back, may be 15 years back.. Me and my Mum struggling for food, clothing and also for shelter. I always use to be one jealous, negative person. I was cursing God for our poverty and struggl… [more]
  • Health Confessions

    Chocolate freak
    Chocolates could be of any form, shapes, any kind I loooovvvvveeee chocolates. They are probably my all time buddies. Whenever I feel low I want chocolate sundae, If I am waiting for someone then I really freak out on chocolates. If I ever get a chance to be in chocolate swimming pool, I will live in there untill whole pool gets dried up. And that's why I keep visiting dental clinics.… [more]
  • Family Confessions

    Lame decisions by husband
    I really wonder sometimes about myself that what was I thinking to say yes to this man. He leaves me at his mean sister's house and weird parents which is making me more crazy. I dont understand the point why do I have stay without my husband with all these crazy suckers. After doing all household chores, I still need to do more cleaning. I expect symbiotic relationship, maybe, that's where I expect too much? They just think and wants me and my baby to be their maid. I feel its lame to discuss about this as he makes excuses to pull me out of this deep ****... I just can't understand how could my husband is so blind..… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    Strange behaviour
    Lately, my Husband is acting very weird and strange towards me.. I tried to have conversation with him and he acts normal. But, I swear felt so much distant between us. Is it because of his folks filling bad things about me in his mind? May be coz of having an affair? Last week he was fine, talking over phone, calling me and daily errands were fine. This week neither calls me nor he updates about incoming calls or it could be have been about work. I am confused and stressed out. Should I hire a detective agency to find out? I do feel that there is no tuning at all between us.. My heart somehow doesn't feel like impress him. Or is it my some random bad thought! Sheesh! Am stuck!… [more]
  • Family Confessions

    First time Mommy
    I appear to be strong and I don't care attitude for which people loves like anything. Many people have been told and admired me for this attitude. But, I want to confess that when it comes my 20 months old Son, I am damn shaky about everything. Every move I make, I fear a lot about him. When I was holding on my hand for the first time, I cried a lot not b/c I was happy: I dint know what to do next. Personally, I had no one to help me not even my husband (as he was stuck in abroad) at that moment. I was stupid for first 10 days, I did not feed him well and boom he was in ICU b/c of dehydration. Ever since then, I am a very weak Mother, I panic very easily if something happens to him. I … [more]