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I Missed You Today

Miss U.. why i cry when ur with me why i frustate when ur with me why i feel lonely when u r with me ur my life ur my love ur my everything i dont need ur presence in only... [more]
  • I Like to Collect Quotes

    Some Of The Best Moments In Life :) lying on bed,listening to the rain outside thinking about the person you love and care taking a long drive on a calm road finding money in your old jeans just wh… [more]
  • I Missed You Today

    Missing what is missing in h__rt?? EA or U? pick EA and you get a HEART !! if u pick U ,you get HURT! I will pick U because its better to get HURT than have a HEART without U… [more]
  • I Write Down My Thoughts

    An Unbeatable Message "who said water helps in putting off fire??" If so, then, why dont tears heal the burn in one's heart...!!… [more]
  • I My Life My Thoughts

    I Cant Say Anything.. i saw you sitting and crying i asked you why? but you didnot answer i came and sat near you i tried to hold your arms and wipe out your tears … [more]