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I Believe People Come Into Your Life For a Reason

Yeah same with we come into someone's life for some reason. People come and go. That's just life. Reality. No matter how hard you try to let them stay. Sad but true. But hey, at least they became a... [more]
  • I 'd Like to Thank You

    If I have to write down things why I'd like to thank you, i would have a hundred. Thank you for everything. For being there for me always. For the love, care and attention you gave me. For your effort… [more]
  • I Always Prefer the Window Seat

    First. I puke especially with long hours of travel so I have to sit by the window to keep me distracted. Second. I love the view.… [more]
  • I 'm Not Sure Where to Put This So I'll Say It Here

    I wish I could just sleep forever so I won't get to feel the pain. So I won't spend my nights crying. So I can just rest my mind from thinking too much. Things I shouldn't be thinking.… [more]
  • I 'd Like To Go Back In Time And Start Over

    I wish i really could. I wish i could just go back in time and correct the decisions and actions i made. So i wont hurt someone i love and give her what she really deserves. But come to think of it, w… [more]