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I Am In Love With a Fictional Character

Le Gasp! I'm Head Over Heels In Love With A Game Character, This Is Serious... Falling in love with a fictional character is never new for me, since I've always had a romantic feeling for them since my childhood... but back then I didn't knew what that kind of tingling feeling... [more]
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  • I Think I Am Destined To Be Single

    It's NOT Like I Choose To Be Forever Single, It Must Be Destiny. ((Warning long "essay" story ahead)) Not sure if I should wait and create this story during the time around February 14th 2014 next year or just put down my story here. So, deciding I'm le… [more]
  • I Think I Was Created to Be Alone Forever

    I Should've Known This From The Start - It Has Been Written Down That I'm Destined To Be Alone Forever. Along with my other stories, please do excuse, I am a mistress of grammar failure (I do get clumsy at how to use past and presents). When that's out of the way, let's get to the case...(I do apo… [more]
  • I Have Deviantart

    Yeah, I Have One And Still Active... Got first introduced by a friend from high school, she told me about it and that it was a good place for you to add your fancy artworks there so to let other see it and make friends, at first I had do… [more]
  • I Get Attached Too Easily

    Get Too Easily Attached Much?? Excuse my bad English, I am a grammar clumsy, troubling between the use correct grammar. Please do bear with me while I babbling away...Now, where should I start... Ah yes, I get attached … [more]