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I Need Someone to Talk to

I Don't Know Myself When People Are Around. When i'm on my own i'm good at thinking intellectuality, but when people are around i can't think straight and just can't be myself. I lose my own perspective of things and they tend to block out my... [more]
  • I Need Someone to Talk to

    I Compare Too Much How do i stop comparing my self to other? i compare my every move with others.another thing is i cant stand up to others and think their perspective matters more. can anyone help?… [more]
  • I Love to Spend Time By Myself

    Alone Is Freedom When i'm alone i feel like i have the freedom to do anything without depending on friends and family to join too. When i'm alone i can think creatively and improve as a person.I'v not alw… [more]
  • I Love Anime and Manga

    They're Awsome i watch deathnote anime and read fruitsbasket, deathnote, bleach and black butler. i'm going to start reading naruto pretty soon. I also love the japanese culture! anyone know anyother good mangas?… [more]
  • I Am a Free Spirit

    Free! I like being able to go wherever i want, whenever i want. I have friends but i don't really hang out with them much, i rather do whatever i want to do. I HATE closed doors they make me feel so tamed. … [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    I hate my culture and family background.
    I an originally a pakistani eventhough I live in england. I absolutely hate the culture. But I have to admit, I have not lived in pakistan but judging by the little I know about it, I hate most aspects of it. I hate how they put so much pressure on girls to look good and how they can be so superficial. They make an opinion of people by looking at their money, jobs, clothes and sometimes even looks. (im not saying all, but most). I wish they would realise that binmen are important as doctors. Etventhough I live in england im still affected by this culture because of my family.… [more]