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I Want To Play Experience Project Tag

Round 2 Of EP Tag 1: Can't say off! 2: I don't know whether I snore or not, tho my mini-dachshund doesn't complain. 3: My favorite kind of Oreo cookies are the Cool Mint ones. 4: I refuse to color my... [more]
  • I Suffer From Clinical Depression

    Downward Spiral I am 57 years of age, and have been dealing with major depressive episodes for decades.  I have moved umpteen times, worked at countless jobs, and failed miserably at maintaining long-term relationsh… [more]
  • I Lost My Sister to Cancer

    Susan It has been a little over 2 years since my younger sister Susan succumbed to the cancer she had been diagnosed with 8 years previous. She was the sweetest person I've ever known, and she was a much b… [more]
  • I Wish I Was Little Again

    Small - Town Girl The first ten years of my life were spent in a little town in the middle of pretty much nowhere, in North Dakota.  We had all the freedom in the world, it seemed, in that place & time!  We played ou… [more]
  • I Love Music

    Rock & Roll Never Forgets We could all go on forever re our fave music & artists, but I'll try to keep it brief here!  Still have boxes of 45's.  Remember at age 16 buying Neil Young"s LP "After the Gold Rush".  Had gone th… [more]