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I am a 52 year old widow, mother, and grandmother. I was very happily married for seventeen years. I have a beautiful 30-year-old daughter who has given me two wonderful grandsons, who are four and three years of age. I also have a great 25-year-old son. I expect to have more grandchildren in the near future. I was a very happy wife, mother, and homemaker, but now my life has taken a different turn, what with my husband's passing and my children now being grown. I have traveled extensively all over the US, to Europe, and lived in Australia for a year. I'm very liberal on social issues, am pro gay marriage and pro choice, and in favor of a very strict separation between church and state. I have never had any career ambitions and I make no apologies for that. Even now, I work only because I have to. I consider my gorgeous family to be my greatest accomplishment. I found great joy and fulfillment in raising my family. I am currently in a relationship, but know that I can never have again what I had with my husband, who, unfortunately, died tragically at a young age.

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I Hate Kids and I Don't Want Any

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