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im very open.minded. i would like to meet ppl so if u want know more about me, feel free to contact me.

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I Want to Live In Germany Someday

Deutschland My fasination to germany started when i was in my teen yrs...i discover a german band called RAMMSTEIN, and i semt to me that the language fit the music perfectly, then i research online on their... [more]
  • I Like Spicy Food

    yeah!! ... yeah!! i just make sure i don't eat too much of it ...… [more]

  • I Swear a Lot

    well I Say the F Word a Lot... well i say the F word a lot, and the S word a me they are just normal words now...hehehehejk but i try not to, i'm trying to be a good girl.… [more]

  • I Should Be Studying

    cause Education Is the Key ... cause education is the key to opportunity, doesn't guarantee success but it does open a lot of doors. If a person inherits millions but has no knowledge on things like building up a company people … [more]

  • I Am Scared of Getting Hurt Again

    Cause All the Times I'v... Cause all the times i've let my guard down, i have been hurt...and many times i've been thrown aside like i had no feelings at all.… [more]

  • Love Confessions

    I'm 23 and my father was ...
    I'm 23 and my father was never around and yet had much control over me. my parents are gettin oficialy divorced, he caused so much emotial damage to me..brainwash me, manipuled me, used me against my mother, and was very mean to me, he had complete control over me. i still even though i'm old feel in so many ways like a little child..deep in my heart i wish i had a father, that my mom had someone to love her (love from a partner) i feel that is something i am missing, i know this sounds crazy but yeah my dream would be to have a father to love me as if i was his own blood, to do things with him, to go out to the movies like a family my mom has done an amaizing job raising me and my bro. u kn… [more]
  • School Confessions

    university HELP
    I was studying criminalistic and criminology at university...but then decided that even tho it was interesting it was not for now i'm on the search to decide what to study...i would like a job were involves traveling, to speak different languages, and that is not just being sit on an office...plz if anyone knows about a job involving all of these..i would really appreciate the help!´kisses!… [more]
  • Friends Confessions

    i have no friends in the ...
    i have no friends in the real world, i used to while i was growing up, i'm a very loyal person, i'm honest, i'm caring, but during my life people say so easely "oh i love you" "oh you're my best friend" and then they throw me away like if i was dispossable or had no feelings at all, most of the people i know have hurt me, i'm not into gossips, i mean to heard the lastest thing about who is datting who at school or whatever is gonna help me grow as a person in anyway? no! i do give much of me when i do care about someone, but now that i don't any friends in the real world much has to do with how much i've been hurt by people, there was one time at school when i was around 13 or 14 that girls … [more]