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I Want Someone to Talk Or Chat With

Want A Woman To Chat I am in Quincy,MA and looking for mature women that want to chat. I'm really a nice guy and that may be the problem with women. It seems to me the Bad Boys get the girl. [more]
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  • I Think About What Could Have Been

    Print Blouse I am Paraplegic and confined to a power wheelchair. I was at the local WalMart yesterday exchanging a shirt. As I was waiting in line to see a clerk I noticed a woman about my age walk in the door. Sh… [more]
  • I Like A Woman Who Smells Nice

    Smell Nice And Sex? While I was living in Lewiston,ME from Sept 84 to Dec 97 I met a woman at a singles dance in Lewiston. She was older than me. She was wearing a dress and not afraid to be feminine. She was wearing a l… [more]
  • I Am Afraid of Rejection

    Fear Of Rejection I was in the 6th grade when 2 other boys saw me looking at a girl that was about the same age. I think I was 11 at the time and very close to my 12th birthday in June. We were outside of the school so… [more]