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I Was In a Car Accident

I Never Thought It Would Taint My Life So Much..:( In all reality my life revolves around my anxiety...The summer  I was 16 I was in a car accident. I was a passenger in a van that was hit by an eightteen wheeler. In the van with me was... [more]
  • I Often Eat Way Too Much, Then Feel Guilty About It

    I Eat Too Much Sometimes.. Not too often, but sometimes I eat a lot and then feel guilty about it. I think to myself about the reasons I am overweight an how this contributed to it. I think...okay..pretty much know that my emot… [more]
  • I Am Embarrassed and Ashamed of Who I Am As a Person

    I'm Always The Last In Line.. I feel like everybody is surpassing me. I feel like I am intellectually behind eveyone my age. I'm not up to par. It's sad how far behind I am .  I just feel like I should be put into a whole until … [more]
  • I Grew Up Poor

    I'm Glad I Grew Up Poor... I am number six of seven kids who all share the same mother and father. My parents didn't start off poor. My father was a foreman at a construction company and my mother worked with the handicap… [more]
  • I Have Never Been Kissed

    I Feel Like It Will Never Happen.. I'm now 20 and I have never been kissed. I guess I could blame it on my social awkwardness, it still sucks. I have been dreaming of my first kiss since I was twelve. That was atleast 8 years ago. I ha… [more]