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I Am Zany

Talking To The Pu$$y. Whenever I had spied Miss Kitty, which was not often, she was always clad in a colourful veil, which led me to believe that, either she had a terminal case of shyness, or maybe it was a religious... [more]
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  • I Hate Cancer

    Saying Goodbye To Dad - Part Two. This morning July 15th 2013 at 08:15 AM my father passed away after three years of battling cancer. After his spirit had left his withered husk, he was left with a smile on his face, which gave u… [more]
  • I Hate Cancer

    Saying Goodbye To Dad... I've just come from hospital, where my father is fighting a losing battle against the big C. I needed a breather. Isn't cancer a *****? It robs people of their dignity and reduces them to a state… [more]
  • I Am Back

    About The (C) Issue... Deleting all my stories would have taken up too much time. I therefore deleted my whole (old) profile and am starting anew. Anybody who wants to befriend me again, be my guest. I can not possibly reme… [more]
  • I Love to Write Poetry

    The Real Dream. In honour of my father: Bones rusted through to the marrow, giant, great lapses in my synapses, my poor vessel utterl… [more]