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I Love Someone In Prison

2 And A Half Years!!! well court over with but juge was a ***** he started speaking about his children trying to wind him up, anyway 3 got 3 years in total but 2 and a half on porbastion but his lawyer is gonna appeal... [more]
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  • I Miss My Boyfriend Who Is In Jail

    My Faincee The Jail me and my partner have been together 1 year hes the nicest guy you can meet but when i met him i kew he had a history for fighten hes only just turend 21 but his family dont really bother about him he… [more]
  • I Have a Boyfriend In Prison

    Im Petrified :( i went to see my manny on Friday and hes seemed fine with me but i am so scared of losing him the screws aren't given him his letters so he cant phone me or write back they better sort it or im gon… [more]
  • I Have a Boyfriend In Prison

    I Just Want Things To Go Right For Once!:( well im seeing my man tommorrow and it might be the last time i see him until hes out :( i had a **** up with my passport so i dont have it and im waiting on my young scott card cuse i was given 1 mo… [more]
  • I Miss My Boyfriend

    My Fiancee!!! hey im Rachel im 18 and im from Scotland (Dundee) iv been with my fiancee for but 9 months been engaged for 2 months and he was sent to prison 3 months ago hes a little older than me hes 21 you may a… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    last time!!
    well it been a we whiel since my last confession alots happen my fiancee was on emand and we now know when his case is it 12 days from now the 24th of july.and he phones me every 2 days and writes every day and just to let you know the pepole who read this im scottish from dundeee anyway when he first got remanded he was sent to polmont wich is in glasgow scotland and abut 2 weeks ago he was sent to perth prison so i went to see him for the first time last week .but hes been away for 6 months  and i just been told by his lawyer that he will be up in 12 days the  most time he can get is 6 years but hes looking at 2-3 years . it is har im only away to be 18 next month and he just turend 21 las… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    i finaly got 2 letters at the same time from my boy love him soo much domt know what id do with out him!going to see him in a feww weeks with my mum&dad need to travel to glassgow tho or he might be moved back to perth hes meant to be phoning tonight!oh yeah to al those girls that have partnes in the jail ,i am here to speak to if you want to know anthing or need somone to speak to, i know its hard but if you love your man and he loves you stand by him no matter what anyone eals says ..everyone makes mistakes and deservs a second chance ..i know im scottish and the rules might be difrent for americans and all that but i know a few americans and my uncel stays over there so i can aswer most o… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    can this relastonship work??
    me&myfanicee have been together for abut a year and3 months ago he gotthe jail you may all think aww hes troubel but hhes not hes a good guy he was protecting me and got caught!! he gets sentensced next month i right to him nearly every day and he phones me when he can and i will be visting him when my new pasport arrives but we have 1 problem is... 2 of his exs start filling my head with suff and i asc him and he swares none of its true they only started saying all this when he got the jail witch sounds abit fishy yo me?? but anyway he tells me everyday he loves me and wants to be with me when hes out he wants a futer with me i want the same thing when hes out but i scared if he get 3 years… [more]