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  • Love Confessions

    He left me
    2 years together, been through hell and back. a miscarigge, being cheated on, the lies the hurt but then all the good that has happened to. Through to tramatic deathes and many hospital visits. he was my first for ...everything. i cant ive without him, im depressed and i just found out i have stomach cancer.. i cut myself.. i just couldnt handle it. I told him about it, and he left me. Im heart broken. i have lost my step father to cancer, my dad to a heart attack and i have a 55% chance of living recoring and surviving the cancer. I love him and now im going to die..alone.… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    Its not worth the pain
    Life is not worth all the pain that comes along with it. sure there are good things in life but none that would make it worth living through all the bad. The grieving the heart ache. All those bad things. Nothing that happens that is good ever makes the bad things any better. I'm stuck. In a deep and dark place. I cant fake my way though many more days like this. I cant cry myself to sleep many more nights. I can throw up more meals, and find new hidden places on my body to cut. I'm done. I'm just giving up. I know its selfish and i know its a cowards way out. But its my only escape at this point. I'm gone <3… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    ..who am i?
    I've think ive changed alot and i dont like who or what i've become...… [more]