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    My heart sucks
    I am and have been madly in love with a man sine I was 20 years old. He knows but I don't think I have the patients to wait until he's ready to give me a commitment. So I've done away with the idea of ever being with him. Only thing is now, I'm the most unhappy that I've ever been. I wanna tell him everyday that I want us to be an item but I don't. It's way more complicated than what I'm telling you but I just wanna confess that he effects me so badly that I can't even concentrate on a task without my mind going to him.… [more]
  • Today in life

    Posted on: December 4th, 2012 at 4:43PM

    If feel loveless. Empty. Pained to be breathing. I'm always crying. I just want a job so that I can make money. I just want to sleep at night. I just want to show my daughter a real healthy environment. I want the migraines to go away. I wanna be happy.… [more]