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I'm shy, but I'm pretty nice and friendly to almost everyone and will accept you for who you are. I love animals, have a passion for Martial Arts, and care more about my friends then I do about myself sometimes, but overall I'm just a nice person who wants friendship.

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  • 100% American
  • and a little Italian (Abruzzi)
  • and a little Scottish
  • and a little Canadian
  • and a little French
  • and a little English
  • and a little Irish
  • and a little Native American
Horoscope Cancer
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I Have a Confession

I always cry in public wherever I go. Im so sensetive that I don't know how to be emotionally strong. [more]
Rainbowxxbutterflyxx has shared 4 Mature Experiences
  • I Am Alone In This World

    No One Talks To Me. and I'm getting pretty used to it now. No one calls or texts or talks to me on the Internet. I always have to put in the effort and being at home makes me feel depressed. I'm not saying that I feel so… [more]
  • I Don't Want To Share My Stories On Facebook

    I Don't Use Facebook Anymore. I don't like sharing my stories and feelings on facebook. Facebook world doesn't need to know my life story. If I want to vent my feelings and just cry on someones shoulder, it wouldn't be on there. I… [more]
  • I Feel Worthless and Unloved All the Time

    I'm Tired Of This Feeling. I'm sick and tired of feeling useless. My friends care but I don't think they really mean it. I'm home everyday wishing someone would call me to hang out, but they never do. Same old excuses. "I don't… [more]
  • I Hate My Family

    Feeling Of Neglect Okay so I'm 18 years old. I feel like my family doesnt care and doesn't understand that I'm home most of the time. It really ****** me off. I'm an only child so I feel really lonely even with friends… [more]