Male , 36-40
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I'm only here, for this moment---J. Buckley

I tell it how it is. I don't beat around the bush. I am sarcastic. I am an alcoholic who doesn't drink. Accept me for who I am or don't bother me.

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Favorite Quote We all walk the long road. ---Eddie Vedder
Vices Smoking
Politics Liberal
Horoscope Libra
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Books Just about anything
Music Anything really except country
Movies The Usual Suspects. Fight Club.
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I Love These Lyrics

I want you to scrape me up, from the wall, and go crazy, like you made me.---Dirt, Alice in Chains. [more]
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    Sometimes I jump the gun. Sometimes I let myself get tangled up in so much of my own **** that I don't realize what I'm doing to others. I am a fool. I hurt people when I don't mean to. I take so … [more]
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