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I Do Not Belong to Anyone

Thankfully I was talking to my friend about my ex not that long ago and I don't know how the subject came up but he said something like "when we all first met he told us to not hang out with you without him... [more]
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  • I Have No Close Friends

    I Dont Want One Sided Friends Anymore I had two good friends in high school but since then they both have pushed me away and pretty much ignore me unless they want something. Anytime I try texting or emailing them I'm pretty much talking … [more]
  • I Am a New Member At Experience Project

    Im New Here Hi everyone, I'm new here and I came here because I'm trying to meet new friends. My old blog site only has about 30 active members and its hard when you're new and walking into people who have known … [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    different opinions
    So how come when you say you are boycotting JC Penny for putting up an ad with a gay couple, I dont say a word. But when I say I'm not interested in chick-fil-a because they give 2 million dollars to anti gay groups you freak out. Yes I get we have different views and thats perfectly fine but you can't treat my decisions with respect. The second I don't agree with you, you jump down my throat because I am "wrong" but I say nothing when you are off doing your own crap. UGH… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    dear random guy down the street
    Your young pitbull is gorgeous but can you please keep her fenced in? I get dogs get out all the time, I have 3 of my own but I have a fence and I keep an eye on them when they are outside. I saw her from at least a mile away but with me being a somewhat new driver I was freaking out the entire time. If I see her out again I will probably pull off and take her home with me, not even kidding. I never saw anyone looking for her and she was just walking around. Your lucky I didn't take her home with me this time. You have been warned.… [more]
  • Family Confessions

    Im worried about my uncle
    A couple weeks ago my aunt died. I knew it would be tough on him but I guess I wasnt ready for it. I took him out to breakfast yesterday and could hardly look into his eyes. He kept bring her up and becoming more and more upset. I really didn't know what I could do or say. I was honestly hoping that taking him out would be a distraction just for a tiny bit but it seems that it made things worse :( all of a sudden he froze up and said he had to go for a walk. I got his food to go and when he came back I wasnt even sure if he could drive home by himself. Of course he is stubborn so I slowly followed him home just to make sure he got there ok. I'm just afraid he wont make it that much longer be… [more]