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I am reaching out to you, reader. I am touching you, yet you dont even know it yet. You might never know it. But with these words I break into you, I reach you and touch you and none of it matters because you have forgotten about me once you move onto something else. But I have touched you, my words, you.<br /><br />
You think I have something to say, but in the end we are just humans and we dont really care.

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  • Venting Confessions

    Sometimes I just want to bare it all. I want to tell it all; my name, my love, my hate, my disgust, everything that would change my life because of contraversy and surprise. Those who think they know me, but only know my face, would all look with glares and hate. You, who listen, despite my faults, would be surprise as to who you find beneath a mask. But I've learned not to talk about myself unless asked *hint hint.* And even then, not to talk extensively, lest the masses grow bored of my blabber.… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    I forgive you for killing me, darling. I forgive you for bringing winter because you also brought summer. I spoke to God but all I got was a damn answering machine; he was busy with someone else's tragedy. So I read the Bible and it told me to kill you, in verse after verse all I read was revenge on the sinful. I discarded both God and the Bible and read my heart, instead. I was afraid of the revenge I could take. I was afraid of the guilt which would spew from my mouth, while I helplessly listen to the voices in my head. So I forgave your sins, since God wasn't around to do it for me. Now I watch you quietly while you sleep. You sleep peacefully and I have to restrain myself from strangl… [more]