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About I love helping people, and strive to be completely open-minded and non-judgemental, so if you want to talk, I am here! I have/have had a fair few problems, mental and physical, so there are quite a few things I may be able to give advice on, if you were to need it – I’ll do my best. I love animals and nature, the arts, philosophy, history, and am very interested in the sciences, and I rather like reading about alternative-y things like astrology, spirits and faeries. I am an in-the-closet queer teen. Left-wing. I listen to alternative music – I tend not to like the mainstream stuff – and sing a bit, too. I don't believe in a God (although I am not saying for certain that there isn't one), and I do not agree with many religious teachings, so I don't have a religion (but don't have anything against those that do, unless their religion promotes intolerance or harm). I have CFS/M.E., so if anyone needs a little support/advice in that field, especially with regards to treatment, I would be glad to help. I do hope you have a splendid day!
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