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I'm not exactly normal, but I can blend in with normal people. That's...well, that's actually pretty much all I can say ^_^

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I Want to Know Which Aura Color Are You

Alright...just Gotta Do Research To See What This Means #1 - Red=2 #2 - Orange=1 #3- Magenta=5 #4 - Yellow=7 #5 - Logical Tan=4 #6 - Environmental Tan=3 #7 - Sensitive Tan=6 #8 - Abstract Tan=7 #9 - Green=2... [more]
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  • I See Into Other Dimensions

    Scariest Night Of My Life... I know this post isn't going to matter to most of you, especially to those who haven't read any of my other posts. In fact, I don't even know why I'm writing this...I guess I just sort of felt like I … [more]
  • I See Into Other Dimensions

    The Abilities The following list consists of all the abilities that I know of up to this day:Dreamer- Dreamers see visions more often than not while they are as… [more]
  • I See Into Other Dimensions

    The World Of Dreams Ever since I first got involved with the other dimensions in 2006, there are many things I have learned and noticed. One of the things I noticed was the world my friends and I call Dreamworld, for lac… [more]
  • I See Into Other Dimensions

    Journal Entry #1 Okay, so I decided to make things easier (and maybe, hopefully, a bit more organized than my blog is) and just type up my old journal entries. I'll try to put them in order, but no guarantees ^^'. But… [more]
  • The Travelers

    Posted on: May 15th, 2011 at 7:44PM

    Two years ago, I met a nomad, who I shall nickname Nomad just because it's easier than trying to come up with some other Alias for him. When he and I first met it was through the Internet on, you guessed it, an online game. We got to talking and eventually, I realized that this guy could be really powerful. We talked more, told each other everything we knew, and then I told him about the strange aura that always hung around my hometown, that aura that feels like something will happen in the future. So he came to visit. His visit was short, and the people in my town did what they do best...they rejected him. One of the few nice families let him camp out in their backyard for a bit, though. W… [more]


  • Well...Here Goes...

    Posted on: May 1st, 2011 at 12:05AM

    In the end, we're all just trying to find people we can relate to, people who understand what we have been through, and sometimes just people who understand in general. The purpose of this blog is no different. What is different about it, however, is perhaps the audience it is directed towards. Quite a few people have strange but fantastic abilities that most people do not have. It is hard to explain to those not like us, but those like us know exactly what I am speaking of. These people may be described as freaks, psychics, clairvoyants, people with a sixth sense, people who just naturally have their wishes come true...but no matter what name you use, the description is still the same. Thi… [more]


  • Developing Abilities

    Posted on: May 15th, 2011 at 6:46PM

    It didn't take long for Maya and me to develop abilities. In fact, once we started getting our abilities, we thought we were basically invincible (Myth: having basic abilities makes you invincible. Truth: having basic abilities can help you out against small-fry enemies, but when it comes to the tough guys, get some back up. Seriously.) Maya could, along with seeing and hearing our friends from the other dimensions, dream anything at will. My abilities were, besides feeling auras, being able to dream about the other dimensions, but i couldn't control what dimension I saw. I could also wish, but I learned that some wishes come with a price. And I discovered I could fight the enemies (yay!) S… [more]


  • More Info About the Guardians

    Posted on: May 15th, 2011 at 7:07PM

    According to Joe, he and I were a part of the 4th Generation of Guardians. He had been a part of the Guardians since the first Generation...all the original members except for him had died. The 2nd and 3rd Generations ended up disbanding and losing contact. By this point, he was desperately searching for any good, strong members for the 4th Generation so it would last longer than the previous three had. In the end, we found the other three members. They were Andrea, James, and Byron (all aliases). We had some good times together...and then things went downhill. Joe and I would often call each other and talk about how things were going within the Guardians, the other dimensions, and our live… [more]