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Favorite Quote Friendship isn't about who came first and who you've known the longest.It's about who came and never left.
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I Self-harm

Self Harm So the story is one that I've put up here kinda before but it was awhile ago and I don't like the way I did it. I'm not even telling a story tbh, basically I self harm and I have done for awhile now... [more]
  • I Am a Gemini

    My Gemini Twin! i met Shauni years ago when i moved in to high school, about 9 maybe 10 months ago we became friends and from then to this day we have been completely inseparable, she is also a gemini and born 15 ho… [more]
  • I Think Im Bi

    I Think I'm Bi hiya, well basically i'm a really flirty girl and i've never been quite or shy about my feelings for someone they either go with it or don't, but i'm quite flirty with my girl friends to but not as mu… [more]
  • I Am In Love With Someone I Can't Have

    Love At First Sight?? when i moved into high school obvs i didnt know many people, i met lots of new people and through the years ive generated i large group of friend mainly containing guys. in first year i met this love… [more]
  • I Am Battling Self Harm

    Addiction In my first year of high school I lost every friend I ever had, there was no one there for me. I started to cut my self, on the left side of my body at my hip, I did it very little and I soon made fri… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    I think my guy friend likes me...?
    One of my guy mates and me are really close, we flirt loads and hugs quite a lot. all my friends say he fancy's me  but i'm not sure :/ he comments on my boobs a lot too because there quite big but we tease each other all the time. do you think were just really friendly or he wants something more?? xxxxx… [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    tbh i just feel really alone just now, there are loads of stuff im trying to deal with and i know my mum wont be sympathetic and i have problems trusting my friends, its like i can't be close to anyone and its eating me up... what should i do? thanks :) xxxx… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    don't know what he wants ...
    i really like this guy.. he's amazing, sweet, and funny. he's my best friends cousin and she desperate for us to be a couple, and i think both me and him want that too! we talk over text all the time and we know quite a bit about each other, but every time i ask if he wants to join me somewhere he always says he can't come, ever my friend has asked him to come out with me and her, he sometimes says yes, but then cancels last minute, I'm not sure if its because he's not sure what to say to me or because he doesn't want to see me. i've been led on before and to be quite honest if was one of the most sh!t things i've gone through so far. if he doesn't want to see me why does he constantly talk … [more]