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I Want People to Share Their Poetry

Your Very Own Stalker You needn’t be here But you were so near I wish you could be mine But there were no signs Affection was lacking And my heart was cracking You ignored me most of... [more]
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  • I Want to Start a New Life

    A New Begining... I would love to start a new life. A life where I am not molested and do not feel sad all the time. A new life where I am a different person, and my personality is different too. A life where I can be … [more]
  • I Think Gay Pride Is Awesom

    Gay Pride Is Indeed Awesome People should be proud of who they are and be proud of their sexual orientation. They shouldn't feel shame or feel any different from other peoples. :)… [more]
  • I Want People to Share Their Poetry

    Tear Myself Down The pouring rain that I hear fall down on my roof, Always reminds me that I have no proof. Anger never leaps out at the people around me, It stays hidden inside.… [more]
  • I Love Panda Express

    In Love With Panda Express I am very surprised that very few people have joined this group! I mean come on! You gotta love Panda Express! Whenever I can actually go out and eat Panda Express I savor every bite! I especially lov… [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    Yes, I confess I ate...
    I confess! I ate all the cookies that were left! .......I thought this was going to wash away my guilt by confessing but that doesn't bring back the cookies huh.... I sound like such a weirdo. Oh well. Like my whole family says, I am a little bit weird but I mean come on, normal is boring! And by the way, "What IS normal?" … [more]
  • Health Confessions

    I thought I wouldn't do it again...
    About half a year ago was when I had stopped cutting myself, and I thought I would never do it again. I didn't cut long. I only cut myself about seven times in the period of several months so it never really progressed in me actually cutting deep. Although they did leave scars. But I think it left scars because the things I used weren't sharp enough. Like I used a knife once but since it was dull I had to cut back and back so I would bleed and endured a bit more pain. Well it was enough. Lately, I have been thinking negatively (especially today) and I have been going to counseling. Well the reason I think I cut myself again today for the first time in months was because I learned that I have… [more]