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I'm fiesty as hell, adventurous, determined, and have no room for bullshit in my life. I'm married and not interested in meeting anyone to hook up or talk sex with. I'm open sexually and very active, but only with my husband. I hope you read this before you send e-mails or try to chat with me, if not, you may be offended by my response.

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I Have a Confession

I finally broke down and decided I needed to go to a meeting to see how other people are dealing with an alcoholic spouse/family member. I was told the meetings were not religious or ploitical and... [more]
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    I Think I'll Call Him "steve" I was 22 at the time and he was 31. I'm 5'1", about 100lbs then, wearing a black A-line skirt and mint green sweater belted at the waist with thin black belt, 3" black heels. He was in black pants, wh… [more]
  • I Want to Be Dominated

    I Love When My Husband Takes Control I'm a red head and a Aries so I have a dominate personality. I'm not pushy and bitchy, just a take charge and get things done kind of girl. My husband is more laid back but not what I would call … [more]
  • I Love Fisting

    Popped His Cherry Last Night So I certainly didn't set out with this in mind. My husband has kind of been sounding like a broken record lately. Every time he thinks about sex he's stuck on "I want to **** your ***, i want to ****… [more]
  • I Had Sex Outside

    Taken On The Porch We love sex and we love it outside. We live in a rural area but on the main road between 2 small towns. Not much traffic in the evenings and a gorgeous mountain view. My husband enjoyed a glass of sco… [more]