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I Enjoy Meaningful Conversations

Thought Of The Day After a brief yet hurtful conversation with one of my former classmate tonight, I feel compelled to write some thoughts down. The purpose of this writing is to let myself straighten out things that I... [more]
  • I Am Indonesian

    Missing Indonesia And My Family. It has been too long since I visited this country. I miss everything about it. Living abroad for many many years could break you and make you feel alone. It can make you forget about your past and wha… [more]
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    Thinking about Ex-Boyfriend
    Last night, we drove up to My ex's (Let's call him "A") house.I might be mistaken, but as we are passing an intersection, I could have sworn that I saw him driving, waiting for us to pass so he can cross the street. The reason is because I saw him wearing a dark hoodie with white lining, the one that I saw him wear so many times. After weighing my options, I decide that I want to prank him -- throwing egg to his car. It is a nerve-wracking thing, as I am very calm and not violent person, but when it comes to A, I just want to hurt him and make myself matter again.I admit, he dump me in the worst times, when I need someone there the most. This is not because I was spoiled or insecure. I was p… [more]