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I Support Gay Rights

It really irritates me when people say things along the lines of "You are dating a man, what does it matter if gay marriage isn't legal?" It irritates me because just because I am in a heterosexual... [more]
  • I Self Harm

    You're Punishing Me Not Helping Me. I've been a cutter for 4 years now and mom used to not care. Now she "cares". She says she's being a "good mother" by locking her daughter away at hospitals. She says if I cut she's going to sent me t… [more]
  • I Have a Mental Illness

    It's Real. I was diagnosed with Mood disorder NOS when I was 11. My mom still doesn't believe anything is wrong with me but since I am now 16 lets me choose to take my medicines or not. I take them because I hat… [more]
  • I Know I'm In Love

    If Your Relationship Can Survive This You're Going To Be Together Awhile. My boyfriend was recently admitted to a mental hospital to treat his bipolar disorder. I believe that if our relationship can survive this (I'm 99.9% sure) then I'm confident we will work out nicely… [more]
  • I Tore My Acl

    This Is Kinda Embarrassing... I tore my ACL in half after tripping over a curb....and it wasn't a big one.… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    Never Would Have Thought
    About 4 years ago I was on a trip to St Louis for a Physical Science honors trip. We had gone to a Cardinals game and it started to storm very violently and me being scared of storms proceeded to freak out. A boy in our group began to comfort me and I started to develop feelings for him. Not to long after than we began dating and then,for a very stupid reason, I broke up with him. I never thought he would forgive me after that. I still cared deeply for him. Last year we began talking again about a mutual favorite book and proceeded to become friends again. Soon after that he asked if I would like to try dating again. This boy is now my fiance and we plan to be married in August. :)… [more]