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pls add me as ur friend. i dont care if ur looking for someone, age or something. just wanna make more friends no matter what.sry no faceboo

gay friendly and trustful.Also i put funny answer just for fun.Most of them are $ex jokes.

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I Want to Make More Gay Friends

I wanna make more gay friend. i dont care if ur old, young, etc. i just want more friend. pls and me if u wish. [more]
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  • I Wear Tighty Whiteyes

    Brief I like briefs. They are cool. They make you look sexy :).And they are short. The reason i like them is you look sexy, you might get wedgies, and girl might hang you out more offen.… [more]
  • I Hate My Sister

    That F****** B**** i f****** hate her so much! she always treating like a 3 year old. I HAD ENOUGH OF HER! AND SHE 16! she always blaming me for nothing. she scream at me. she f****** lazy every time when we got home fr… [more]
  • I Am Gay

    The Truth I am gay.I do love guys.I hope people don't delete me as a friend or to know because if i say it, they make fun of me.This is my first time telling.This is the first time I'm telling the truth.But in … [more]
  • I Want a Gay Friend

    My Dream Gay Friend I want a gay friend.It because so I don't feel alone in the EP.Also my dream gay friend is nice, handsome,muscluer,who wear boxer, or briefs,walk or do nake in house, and don't care we do one thing or… [more]