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I am the "absentminded professor" living in my own world often oblivious to my surroundings. I react to things outside this scope of reality too often without thinking them through and submit myself to embarrassment... While happy within the comfortable regions of my subconscious, I am prone to anxiety if I stretch myself. These realizations are sadly quite fresh due to the fact that I have been oblivious most of my life. Perhaps there's still time to correct some of these shortcomings. Maybe then I can live (life as it should be).

9/5/10 I am robotic yet self aware. Or is this awareness a false belief within a web of ignorance?

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Books good scifi (too many to list..), books on science (namely biology: genome, survival of the fittest, red queen, etc...)
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I Don't Fear Death

As A Biologist I laugh at it! I mean we're just organic machines trapped on one side of the entropic equation...Our insignificance is actually rather refreshing to me. Live and let die! [more]
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