Male , 13-15 14 fun to hang out with...i guess...hhmmmm guess thats it if u wanna no me better talk to me!!! ;)

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I Want To Meet Everyone In My Circle In Person

My Cool Circle. ;) i want to meet everyone in my circle...or at least evryone iv talked to. i mean everyones nice and...talkative i guess...the ppl on here r just cool and i think itd be cool to meet them in... [more]
  • I Hate Being Called a Kid

    My Pet Peev yo kid,heyy kid,sup kid,fetch me a beer kid(yeh im the beer fetcher for my great gpa a and his friend)but thats all i hear is KID.its 14 and i still get called kid..… [more]
  • I Suck At Dating

    My Dating "problems" problem ******* voice stops workig..not cool problem 2..i dont no wat to do..ill just sit there and wait for SOMEBODY ELSE to start conversationproblem 3..i ALWAYS mess up on dates.… [more]
  • I The Best Generation

    The Millennials if you were born between 1980-2000 you are part of the smartest and biggest generation in us history.we areless likely to join the the army,less religus but we are more open to change more confi… [more]
  • I Like Nightime

    Night Time... first things first..i love to steal but im not a thief.does that make sense??probly not but anyways nighttime is the best time to do that..i live on a farm and i made the rule not to take from m… [more]
  • Family Confessions

    my dad was a victim of murder
    i have 2 lives.i already lived 1.ill be in this one for the rest of my dad died when i was in 3rd grade,5 years ago.thats when this life began.the life on the farm.the life before that was city life.those were the good times.the thing that really bothers me is they never found his killler!!!i dont know y im sayin all this but its probally gonna be the only thing i was good me and my dad never fought cuz if we did and my last words were wouldnt be good.if you ever lost a loved one then you know how i feel,if you havent...keep your family close,you never know which breath ill be their last...or yours.… [more]