Male , 13-15 14 fun to hang out with...i guess...hhmmmm guess thats it if u wanna no me better talk to me!!! ;)

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I Have a Confession

i have 2 lives.i already lived 1.ill be in this one for the rest of my dad died when i was in 3rd grade,5 years ago.thats when this life began.the life on the farm.the life before that was... [more]
  • I Hate Being Called a Kid

    My Pet Peev yo kid,heyy kid,sup kid,fetch me a beer kid(yeh im the beer fetcher for my great gpa a and his friend)but thats all i hear is KID.its 14 and i still get called kid..… [more]
  • I Want To Meet Everyone In My Circle In Person

    My Cool Circle. ;) i want to meet everyone in my circle...or at least evryone iv talked to. i mean everyones nice and...talkative i guess...the ppl on here r just cool and i think itd be cool to meet them in perso… [more]
  • I Suck At Dating

    My Dating "problems" problem ******* voice stops workig..not cool problem 2..i dont no wat to do..ill just sit there and wait for SOMEBODY ELSE to start conversationproblem 3..i ALWAYS mess up on dates.… [more]
  • I The Best Generation

    The Millennials if you were born between 1980-2000 you are part of the smartest and biggest generation in us history.we areless likely to join the the army,less religus but we are more open to change more confi… [more]