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I Am Trying to Find Happiness

A Different Direction. At a point in my life I got so low and depressed that the only release I found was cutting/ other ways of hurting myself, drinking, and sexual things. These were the highlights (for lack of a better... [more]
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  • I Wish I Had Been a Better Friend

    If I Had Been A Better Friend Maybe We'd Still Be As Close. I started being a crappy friend last summer, I pretty much ignored her because I go caught up with a boyfriend and the friend that was a ***** but more exciting to be around. I didn't realize that it … [more]
  • I Have the Urge to Self Injure

    I Made A Promise... For a couple years I would hurt myself. It started out not so bad and just got worse and worse. Some weeks I would try my hardest not to, and then I would go back and start doing it again. Then about … [more]
  • I Chugged Cough Syrup

    I Regret It. I took 5 times the dose, which isn't nearly enough to get high, that wasn't my intentions. I did it as a way to hurt myself without having to admit that I hurt myself...doesn't make sense now but it d… [more]
  • I Have the Urge to Self Injure

    Lately.. the urge has been getting stronger and stronger. Sometimes im glad that Im obligated by a promise not to but sometime it doesn't seem like its worth it. It feels like I need to do it sometimes, that i… [more]
  • Friends Confessions

    This isnt really a confession, just somethuing to think about.
    Even If things can be worse in a persons life it does not mean that what they are going through doesnt hurt and cause pain, maybe even equal or in excess than to someone going through something 10x worse. And when someone is telling you that they are in pain and having a life problem you should listen and not reply with something that is worse in your life because it makes the person feel like what is going on is dumb to be hurting about. Listen and then share experiences.… [more]
  • Friends Confessions

    I'm jelous of people who get to "get help" (therapy,counciling, psycologist, etc.) because I have to live my life holding back tears 80% of the time and no one is there to help, or even understand/listen to me. Maybe even just a friend that would show concern and make sure I'm okay when they know I'm not even if I say Im fine. And when I do finnaly tell I feel like they dont care because they just say oh. or ok.. And I dont want to bother her more with my problems because she has her own that shes dealing with.… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    "respect your elders"
    I do not like that saying. I say that anyone who is not respectful to me does not deserve my respect no matter the age. Just because somebody is old does not make them a saint and that you have to be kind to them even if they treat you like s***. I hate whenever I disrespect my parents and I get in trouble for it. The only reason I would ever think to do it is because they do not respect me I also dislike when they say "They gave you life" or "They gave birth to you" but I think that statement means nothing when they are the ones that make you want to die or wish you were never born. And Im not some heartless person who thinks two rights make a wrong but Ive tried being respectful and nic… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    I wish..
    I wish I had somebody who cares. Not just a simple state of caring. Something more close. I wish I had somebody who would bother to figure out why I didn't talk much today. Someone that would keep an eye out for me. One who would becareful to make sure what they do doesnt hurt me. I wish I had somebody that would talk to me for hours if need be. I wish I had someone who wanted to be around me when im happy sad moody silly. Someone who is excited to see me, even If I saw them just a few hours ago. One who trusts me and forgives me for my mistakes Somebody who understands me. I really really wish I had someone to love me.… [more]