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I Dated Someone Who Turned Out to Be Crazy

He Was Obsessed With Marriage As A Teenager!! I thought my first boyfriend and I would be together forever. He was very handsome and funny, and we did all kinds of goofy things together. Most of all, though, he seemed to truly want to stay... [more]
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  • I Have a Big Nose

    Big Nose...learning To Accept It Well...I've always had a big nose. It's plain to see and perfectly explainable, as both of my folks have one, also. Of course, during those tender years of teenage angst, a big nose for a young l… [more]
  • I Learned Something From My First Love

    My "wasted Time" Made Me Better Than Ever Before!! My first boyfriend, Nick, was my high school sweetheart. We dated for a year and a half, and, for the longest time I was sure he was my one-and-only, my soulmate, my lifetime partner. After 6 months o… [more]
  • I Have Been Told I Look Like a Celebrity

    I Look Like Lady Gaga?????? I have been told by quite the number of people that  I look like Lady GaGa, although they always say I'm the prettier of the two. For one, not to be conceited, I have a better body. Also, I have pret… [more]