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I Am Bi

Being Bi Is About Life We Need To Understand. l have friends who are bi-sexual and l love being bi-sexual, because it more fun and make me think why l did it. it not being dirty or inappropriate,as a lot of people think,they have no right to... [more]
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    Atten! all ipods lovers! this could happen to you!
    My Mate was having a cuppa in a cafe, suddenly needed to pass gas, the music in the cafe was really loud so he timed his "explosions" with each loud beat of the music-after a couple of songs he felt better and finishing his cuppa,some people was staring at him,to his horror, he realizing he was listining to  his pod music-not the cafe music!  lol… [more]
  • Friends Confessions

    sharing nude pics....
    when l cut my finger at work ,l left work early and caught the 3pm bus home, from the city to north shore, there were a few high school kids sitting in front of me...on the way home l saw two boys and a girl sharing their private nude pics to each other and they mock and laugh each other.....l wonder what the world they coming to?........they (the kids) think it ok to show their privates to their friends which ,l find it sad, will end up on facebook and a picture last day they will regret it. l feel sorry for them. l think people social lifes will change and maybe later, nothing is private anymore. … [more]
  • Health Confessions

    is crazy good for you?-YES!
    we are human beings on earth so there no shame getting crazy,do stupid things and go naked if you are in a darlin mood. it part of our life growing up and if you do that time to time it good for your soul. l believe drinking coffee or tea is not evil. gossip is healthy and keeps us on the go. Tell many,many lies on Facebbok who want to know your life or mine?.in my terms 80% of the world gossip is bullshit so we can be happy to accept what WE are! l have tired online dating and end up hearing those words -um.....maybe next time...yeah bloody right. l want to go crazy sometimes to shake my soul and it helps......Try it......… [more]
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    lst step
    Leaving school was the hardest ..lst step in my life toward a real 1982, got a full-time job which was sucks, but good things to come, my lst rock concert,dire straits -cost $20 per ticket! -cheap! and heaps of parties......use to smoke and hv hot food in movies theatres in the 1980's was great fun and damn good films! .....2012....a movie ticket is $16 per person, signs in theatre says behave yourself-wtf? go to rock concert cost you at least over $100 or more which is a rip-off! ...thank god l was born early! l used to travel a lot in the 1980's and it was problem -free until now.......look at it.......geee too many problems!..........… [more]