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I Have a Confession

Yeah I can't.I'm sorry for everything I have done and but I'm not embarrassed about it. Words just get in the way.Thank you, [more]
  • I Have Regrets

    I Do Have Regrets Anyway I do have regrets but the things I can't solve by myself. Nor can I forget what's happened...but as long as everyone is happy---who am I to ruin their parade? I'm just a puppet now… [more]
  • I Battle Bi-polar Disorder

    Maybe They say that strangers can be the best judge of your character, well I say that but anyway I state this because they're the only ones who wouldn't give a biased answer or thought.Through … [more]
  • I Am Not Quiet When I Really Know You

    Verbose This is actually quite true. If I really know a person and that they really know me, then I tend to talk a lot. I can engage in utter useless conversation or an intense discussion for hours.… [more]
  • I Want To Write Something That Doesn't Make Sense

    No Sense Through time's stead went byVisions of the never passingI saw my fate a long time agoThe fate I live in has boundariesPeople mock me as if I'm a storyI wish the gir… [more]