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  • a little Native American
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I Have a Confession

I ran So far I pushed Out so many lies But now I am falling [more]
  • I Feel Disconnected From Reality

    Craziness Runs In The Family Well other than the fact that schiz runs in my family, I'm also a writer, which just as most people know makes you a bit detached from reality. I can never tell the difference between my dreams and… [more]
  • I Believe In Soulmates

    Girl Or Guy. Love Lust Or Friendship I don't think a soul-mate is necessarily a love. And I think it could be someone of your sex or the other. I do believe there is more than one out there for everyone but only the lucky ones find them.… [more]
  • I Have a Family Member In Prison

    Sister She's in jail not prison. But nonetheless. It started when she 19 over the summer when I went to visit her and our mom in Pensacola. She was dating a guy. THe type that you know will be nothing but tr… [more]
  • I Sometimes Wish I Were More Feminine

    Motherless. I have grown up surrounded by guys and there has never really been a feminine figure in my life. So I dress like a guy, and act like one to a point that's to be expected I suppose. But in all honesty … [more]