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I am a Taurus Sun/Gemini Moon. My Myers-Briggs Type is ISFJ. I am sweet, nice, unique, laid-back, smart, steadfast, & gentle. I am wise for my age, but still can be childish =D I have a strong, warrior-like spirit & kind, almost innocent heart.

...I've had a somewhat long-suffering life...So the experiences I had in the past had shaped me to become very wise, understanding, strong, & respectful...
I have confidence issues and a bit of social anxiety...I can be timid at times...

Ever since I had my dream crushed when I was little & went through a depression, I now try to follow at least one dream that I hope won't break...
To be....happy & successful in life... I've learn to accept my pain & troubles...

Also, I treat people nicely no matter who they are.
I hope you will accept me too...
Nobody is perfect and everyone has their dark sides...

If you need someone to talk to, please don't hesitate to talk to me. I won't bite or judge.
I understand what it's like to not have someone to accept you...

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