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I Am a Psychopath

I Was/am A Psychopath I remember very clearly that I didn't feel any emotions very early in my life.  Now,  I don't know all the technical jargon for psychopaths and the symptons so this'll be in my best... [more]
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  • I Have Sleep Apnea

    Recently Found Out I Have Sleep Apnea So I recently underwent an overnight sleep study where the hopital observed me to check if I have sleep apnea.  I was supposed to sleep from 10pm untill 6am, but at 4am the nurse said they had al… [more]
  • I Am a ___. Ask me Anything.

    I Am A Guru On An Emotionless Existence. I learned early on in my life that I didn't feel any emotions.  None were there, not happy or sad.  All I could feel was pain, physical pain.  So I figured out I would have to li… [more]
  • I Feel No Emotions

    I Knew I Felt No Emotions When I Was About 3 Or 4 Years Old. I remember this experience in time vividly.  There I crawled in the dirt with my older brother playing with tonka toys. Not the name brand, but that didn't matter.  The sun was out my f… [more]
  • I Hello

    Hello Good Morning Starshine. The Earth Says "Hello!" … [more]
  • schizophrenic Episode

    Posted on: May 29th, 2010 at 9:06AM

    It just occured to me that I sort of had a schizophrenic episode when I was about 20, I think. I can't remember a whole lot about it. I wouldn't leave my apartment for a while. At the moment, I wasn't working or going out much. I think I remember fighting off thoughts of something. I'm not sure. Course nobody knew anything about this. My mental well being wasn't the concern of anybody. My family was a supposedly "traditional hispanic catholic" family. If you want to know more on that subject you'll have to find out more somewhere else. Just had this random thought that came up from reading something. Finnally, one day. my head cleared and I said enough of this loop going around … [more]


  • And Then...

    Posted on: July 25th, 2010 at 10:28AM

    I'm done with doing two week traing at a time for the reserves. I'll only do the normal drill weekend, now. All my pay is going towards bill and I'm sick of it. So, I'm moving in with my neighbor. I will only have to pay rent and not have to worry about any bills. She has the whole second floor that is being unused, so I'll take that. Besides, she could use the help just as much as I could use the help. We've been hanging out for the last two months and have gotten to know each other very well. I think she's a very charasmatic person. And we get along very well. The good thing is she's right across the street, so the move will be relatively easy. This is actually a big step for me… [more]


  • Meeting New People

    Posted on: May 19th, 2010 at 2:26PM

    So I've decided to get out more even though I don't know anybody in this town. I'm tired of being too shy and not socializing. So I actually went out to meet somebody in a group one on one using today. It was just a meet and talk type deal. I think it went well. I actually talked quite a bit. But she didn't really talk much. I don't think I answered questions very well though. That's one thing I have trouble with. Understanding what kind of an answer somone is trying to get out of me. I know that sounds silly, but it's one of the things I have trouble with. I don't know why. Sometimes I'll give a technical answer, simple answer, long winded answer or an answer that ru… [more]


  • Psychopath Of A Different Color

    Posted on: May 22nd, 2010 at 7:41AM

    All psychopaths are not the same. It really bothers me when psychopaths are grouped into a description that is accepted as a definition. People use the term psychopath so loosly. It's as if a psychopath is some animal whoose fate can easily be decided by others. There really isn't a norm when it comes to psychopaths, I don't think. I doubt a good number of actual psychopaths have come forwards and "asked" for help. The ones that have been cought doing bad things represent only a small portion of the psychopathic comunity. Myself for instance could have not cared for the law or others well being. However I had a great influence in my life, my Father. I still was hard pressed to go by… [more]