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  • a little British
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I Have a Story to Tell

My Life My story begins at my earliest memory. And that would be being nearly dragged by my best friend to a near alleyway. I don't remember why, I just know It happened. We were living in the back of a diner... [more]
  • I Grew Up Poor

    I Suppose I Should Feel Lucky At least I had a roof over my head and bed to sleep in. What I lacked was food, money, and most of all, family. If you want the details on that, check my other stories, but, as for now, I'm staying on… [more]
  • I Hate My Dad

    Father? If You Could Call It That. I hate my father. Flat out, hate him. Being raised in Church, I was taught to forgive, forget, and respect everyone. And believe me, I tried, but time, after time my father lied to my face, mentally a… [more]
  • I Know That My Parents Had a Favorite Child

    My "sister" 'Parents' is a strong word. I was adopted at six, along with 2 other children, one of which was my best friend. The other, however, was a demon sent from the womb of Satan's mother but still managed t… [more]
  • I Want to Know Your Most Dangerous Childhood Entertainment

    Building Hopping I take the game as a spin on parkour. See, instead of JUST climbing things, we also jumped from on place to another. My friend and I, we didn't do it for fun though, it was mostly to get away from peo… [more]