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I Do Not Understand Homophobics

The Harm Homophobia Cause... I have been very contemplative lately, wether or not I should write a nonfiction book, 'Homophobia- The real effects.' But before I do that I would need to know wether it would help bring any... [more]
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  • Beginning of Book, Introduction

    Posted on: May 28th, 2010 at 7:37PM

    Introduction: Every day we walk on the street fearing nothing but the occasional robberies or pick pocketing that happens in society, however immediately if we see a man walking alongside another man holding hands and talking as if the world was just perfect, prejudicsm immediately sets in for nearly half of the population. Thoughts develop on how it is not natural, how it is disgusting or foul. But truly why is it such a horrendous crime in so many minds? Homosexuals, Bisexuals, transsexuals and lesbians do not wake up one fine day and say, "It would be just dandy being gay." No this develops from birth, it is something naturally developed, and to those out there that live these li… [more]