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Join my circle! All ages, races, sexualities are welcome! Help yourself to some cookies and a nice warm bed! :)

Hey EP Explorers! My name is Matthew, I'm 18 and have a knowledge on a variety of topics!

I like to ride my bike when I have time, and listen to music when I'm doing any work!

Anything else? Hmm.... Send me a message! :D

P.S. I'd like to make good/best friends with a variety of people are sexualities! -- I'm here for you if you need me! :)

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Favorite Quote \"If you fail to plan, you\'re planning to fail\"
  • a little Jamaican
  • and a little English
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Music 70s/80s Disco and Soul, 90s Old Skool Garage and R&B, Electronic, Dance, Funk.
Movies Splice, Let the right one in, Evil Dead 1 and 2, Norbit, Bruno, Borat.
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I 'M Against War

I hate hearing about things like: "This country has killed 1000 of these people" or "This country has been hit by a mass anti-racial attack" -- I'd just like to look in the news one day and see: "All... [more]
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  • I Want To Make Friends With A Variety Of People

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  • I 'd Like To Do Anything At Least Once

    Can't really knock something until you try it, so if someone suggests something to me that may seem weird, I'm going to try it! (Except anything immoral/unethical e.g. killing, rape)… [more]
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