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I Love Jesus Christ

Close Encounter Of The Broken Heart Kind. Yesterday July 17th I went to the weekly open mic night in my town. Ive been going for a few weeks now and bringing the love of Jesus with me. Before i left my best friend Jeff prayed on me and he is... [more]
  • I Am Wiccan (new Age)

    A Look Back At History Sacrifice was a religious activity in Maya culture, involving either the killing of animals or the bloodletting by members of the community, in rituals superintended by priests. S… [more]
  • I Read the Urantia Book

    Love Bomb- A Short Story Of An Age Good will always win over evil because, good is selfless and generous. Evil will always lose because it is selfish and pernicious. If left unbalanced and unchecked evils default value can grow t… [more]
  • I Want to Be a Better Christian

    Face To Face The world is a better and safer place today because one Man in one life time accomplished the inconceivable and obtained the unattainable. He did not waver and He did not doubt. He believed with all … [more]