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Favorite Quote The best way to keep ones word is not to give it. - Napoleon
  • a little Italian (Sicilian)
Vices Buddha
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Books Stephen King, Jack Kerouac, William S. Burroughs
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I Am Fascinated By The Marquis De Sade

Citizen Sade I am ordering Sade's work Philosophy in The Bedroom, Eugenie De Franval, and his first novel Justine. Justine is the book that Napoleon read and had Sade imprisoned into a insane asylum. Marquis De... [more]
  • I Am French

    Can Someone Please Translate A Part From Les Miserables For Me? It is my favorite book of all time and I don't know what the last paragraph means. I don't know French. here it is: Il dort. Quoique le sort fut pour lui bien etrange Il vi… [more]
  • I Write Short Stories

    The Stormy Day It's raining now as we sail across the ocean on this gloomy day. The wind is blowing not to hard but manages to do its job. I'm going down to my cabin to take a nap when I hear my crew start to scre… [more]
  • I Admire Unusual And Intellectual People

    The Unusual Most Intelligent people are unusual, for instance Einstein wore women's high heels, not because he was gay but that they were shoes. So he wore them. Majority of famous painters were all very stran… [more]
  • I Love Machiavelli's "The Prince"

    Machiavelli's Influence Nicolo Machiavelli's book The Prince was such a big inpact on leadership and dictatorship, that Joseph Stalin, Communist leader of the Soviet Union had a copy of the book on his nightstand. Benito Mu… [more]